About Being a Labourers’ Pension Fund Employer


The Labourers’ Pension Fund is a Multi-Employer Pension Plan "MEPP." A MEPP covers several Employers and employees within the same industry and is designed for people who may change jobs frequently. By working for Employers under the same MEPP, members do not have to worry about losing their pension service when they begin a new job or go through a waiting period before they can join their new Employer’s plan. Their service continues to grow in the plan throughout their participation and every day that they work counts toward their eligibility for pension benefits.

The Fund is affiliated with all Local Unions located throughout Central and Eastern Canada and encompasses a variety of work sectors and geographical areas. Our versatility will ensure that the members' organization will find the right fit within the family. For more information about what sectors participate with and their Local Unions, see Employer Sectors or Local Unions.