Address Changes
Personal Changes

Address Changes

Whether you receive your pension cheque by mail or by direct deposit directly into your bank account, it is very important that you inform the LPF Office of any change in your address. Also, you want to be sure that you will receive your T4A slip and any other information that the LPF Office may send to you from time to time.

When you move or change other contact information, you can submit a Change of Information Form form and mail or fax it to the LPF Office.

Moving Abroad

If you plan to reside outside Canada, you must notify the LPF office, by completing the Change of Address form.  If you are also changing your direct deposit to a financial institution outside Canada, you must complete a Direct Deposit Authorization - Non-Canadian Financial Institutions and mail it or fax it to the LPF Office.

You may also send a signed letter with your new information. In your letter/or form include:

  • Your full name (printed)
  • LPF ID Number, social insurance number or file number
  • The effective date of the change
  • Your new address and telephone number(s)

For your protection, LPF cannot accept address changes via email or by telephone or from any unauthorized persons.

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