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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Pension Pay Dates?

Click here to read more about pension pay dates.


How do I Notify LPF of an Address Change?

Click here to read about address changes.


How do I Change my Banking Information

Click here to read about banking changes.


How do I Change the Amount of Tax being Deducted from my Monthly Pension?

Click here to read about changing the amount of tax deducted from your monthly pension.


When do I Receive my Income Tax Slip?

By the end of every February, the LPF mails out the T4A and NR4 slips to all Pensioners and Beneficiaries.  Click here for more information.


My Spouse Passed Away Since I Retired. Can I Cancel the Survivor Option and Start Receiving the Full Amount of My Pension?

No. The option you chose when you retired cannot be cancelled or changed. Your pension amount will stay the same for your lifetime. As your spouse passed away before you, no further benefits will be paid upon your death.


How do I Change My Beneficiary?

If you are a Pensioner, and you elected the 60 Month Guarantee form of payment, you may change your beneficiary at any time, where permitted by law. Please click here to download the Beneficiary Designation Form (EN) /  (FR) and mail it to the LPF Office. However, it is important to remember that if you have already received 60 monthly payments, your beneficiary is no longer entitled to any payments upon your death.

If you elected a Joint and Survivor Option, which is payable only to a Spouse, you cannot make any changes, once you have cashed your first pension cheque or 30 days have passed from the date it was deposited into your bank account. Also, if you later become separated or divorced, you cannot change the Joint and Survivor Option, as a survivor benefit payable to a Spouse is protected under the Pension Benefits Act.


I’m Going Back to Work. Do I have to Advise the LPF?

Yes. When you return to work you must advise the LPF by completing a Notice of Re-employment form and send it to the LPF Office by mail, email or fax as soon as you start working.

  Click here for more information.  


What Happens if I Return to Work and Don't Send the "Notice of Re-Employment" to the LPF Office?

If you don't complete and send the Notice of Re-employment form to the LPF Office, your pension will be suspended as soon as contributions are received on your behalf, and:  

  1. any pension payment(s) that are received after your re-employment date must be refunded to the LPF;
  2. you must advise the LPF office in writing at the end of your re-employment period;
  3. your pension will be recalculated and reinstated if during your period of re-employment: 
    1. contributions are remitted on your behalf for a minimum of 1200 hours if you are under age 65; or
    2. contributions are remitted on your behalf for a minimum of 300 hours if you are over the age of 65
  4. If you are not entitled to a recalculation of your benefit, your pension will be reinstated.

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What is a Biennial Pension Statement?

As a result of a new Pension Benefits Act legislation, the LPF is required to mail all Pensioners and Beneficiaries in receipt of a monthly pension, a statement of their pension income covering the past two years.  The statement contains information related to the type of pension and form of payment selected at the time of retirement, along with beneficiary information (if applicable).  If your statement shows any incorrect information, please contact the LPF Office.


Why would the LPF Need a Power of Attorney for Property document?

Click here to read more about why LPF would need a Power of Attorney for Property document.


What is a Pension Payment Confirmation Form?

This form is mailed every two years to all Pensioners and Beneficiaries in receipt of a monthly pension as part of a process that ensures payments are made correctly to eligible recipients. 

When you receive this form, please verify that the information provided on the form is correct.  You (or your Power of Attorney) are then required to sign and return it to our office as soon as possible so that your payments will not be interrupted. Click here for more information about a Power of Attorney.

If we do not receive this form by the date required, we may suspend your pension payments until you have returned the form.  



Why do I have to Keep Completing a Pension Payment Confirmation Form every Two Years?

Returning this form to the LPF allows you or your Power of Attorney to confirm basic information we have on file for you.  This helps us maintain accuracy of our records and ensure that you will not experience any interruptions in your pension payments.  If we do not have your signed form, we may need to suspend your pension payments until we receive it.  This is part of LPF’s responsibility to pay pensions to only those entitled to receive them.


Does My Pension Amount Change when I Turn 65

No.  Your monthly pension amount will remain at the same amount as when you retired and will be payable for your lifetime.


Have A Question?

If you have a question that has not been addressed, please do not hesitate to contact the Fund office. You can submit your questions by email at pension_fund@lpfcec.org.

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