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About LPF

A Brief History

The LPF is a Multi-Employer Pension Plan (MEPP), established on February 23, 1972 to provide retirement benefits for employees belonging to agreements negotiated between employers and the Union, and employers and the Trustees of the Plan.

Since its inception, the LPF has grown to over $10 billion in assets, over 135,000 members and close to 25,000 pensioners and beneficiaries. The LPF is a union-negotiated, collectively-bargained (Defined Benefit) Pension Plan that has approximately 2,500 unrelated participating employers. 

If you are an employee of a company that has signed a collective agreement with the Union, your employer is required to make contributions to the LPF on your behalf based on hours worked at the negotiated contribution rate per hour.

The LPF is registered under the Ontario Pension Benefits Act and with Canada Revenue Agency.


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