Employer Responsibilities

Employer Responsibilities

  • Upon enrolment with a Local Union and signing a Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Employer agrees to contribute to the LiUNA Pension Fund the amount specified in the wage schedule for each hour worked or earned by the employees covered under the Agreement.
  • All contributions shall be made payable to the LiUNA Pension Fund on or before the fifteenth (15th) day of the month following the month such hours were worked and shall be accompanied by a remittance report ensuring the accurate calculation of member contributions for each employee. Remittances should be submitted to the LPF Office or online through AccessLPF.
  • Contributions to the LiUNA Pension Fund generate a Pension Adjustment. The PA amount is the amount an Employer has contributed to the LPF on a members behalf in a calendar year. The PA amount reduces the amount members can contribute to an RRSP and must be reported on each year's T4 or T4A. The Employer may request their members PA amounts from the Fund for the upcoming tax season.

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