How is your Plan Administered?
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How is your Plan Administered?

The Plan is governed by a Board of Trustees, which is responsible for the administration of the Plan. Each Trustee serves without compensation. 

The day-to-day administration of the Plan – record keeping and pension benefit payments – is processed at the LPF office in Oakville and is managed by the Executive Director. The Executive Director, who is appointed by the Board, will report and make recommendations to the Board on a quarterly basis throughout the year. The Board will pass resolutions based on these recommendations and on the advice of external consultants, actuaries and other pension advisors.

The LPF employs administration staff who, under the direction of the Executive Director, process and provide support in all functions related to the administering of pension benefits for all members and beneficiaries of the LPF. The primary objective of the administration staff is to deliver a high level of service in the provision of pension benefits to members and beneficiaries.

Pension contributions are held in a Trust Fund under a Trust Agreement for the sole purpose of providing benefits to eligible members, and to pay expenses associated with the administration of the Plan.

Board of Trustees & Executive Director

Joseph S. Mancinelli

Vice Chairman
Carmen Principato

Douglas Serroul
Luigi Carrozzi
Jack Oliveira
Brandon MacKinnon
Riccardo Persi

Executive Director
David D'Agostini

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