Your Annual Benefit Statement
A Guide for New Members

Your Annual Benefit Statement

We mail an Annual Benefit Statement to all our vested members during the month of June of each year.  The Annual Benefit Statement is also available to view and download on our secure site AccessLPF by the end of May of each year.

If we don’t have your address, the Annual Benefit Statement will not be generated. Please make sure you keep us informed of any changes to your address.

Your Annual Benefit Statement will indicate how many pension credits you have earned and how much pension you are entitled to receive at the normal retirement age (age 65) based on the information available at the LPF at the end of the previous calendar year. 

Your Annual Benefit Statement also indicates your personal and beneficiary information and hours contributed on your behalf by your employer(s) during the previous calendar year. Please review it carefully and inform the LPF Office immediately if information is incorrect or missing.

You can use your Annual Benefit Statement to check your data and watch your pension grow. It will show you that the longer you are in the Plan, the bigger your pension gets. This will come in handy down the road when you begin making plans to retire.

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