How to Get a Pension Estimate
A Guide for New Members

How to Get a Pension Estimate

  1. Your Annual Benefit Statement provides a snapshot of your benefits as of December 31 of the previous year. You can also view all your Annual Benefit Statements by logging into AccessLPF.  Note that the statement is not generated when your address is missing.
  2. Log into  AccessLPF to estimate your LPF pension based on your latest contributions.
    • You can get estimates for different retirement dates, based on your current contributions or based on projected future service. You can save the estimate reports and compare different scenarios.
    • A great tool for your retirement planning or just to see how your pension grows as you continue to work.
  3. You can also obtain a pension estimate by calling the LPF Office. In order to protect your privacy, you’ll be asked some security questions to confirm your identity before any information is disclosed.

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