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Applying for Your Pension

If you are considering retirement, this section provides information to help you plan, apply and begin collecting your LPF pension. The steps to retirement are easy, but we suggest you begin the process a couple of months in advance.

Step 1. Estimate Your Benefit and Update Your Record

Retirement is a major life change. Preparation and planning will help with a smooth transition to this next phase of your life. The LPF provides you with great tools to help you estimate how much you will be receiving at retirement.

Step 2. Decide when to Retire and Gather Your Documents

It is very important that you choose the date you wish to retire in advance, and that you gather all the necessary information before you start your application.

Step 3. How to Apply

We have streamlined the pension application process to make it as easy as possible to apply for your pension. You have several options available when you're ready to apply.

Step 4. Receiving your Payment Election Package

Once we receive your application, and all outstanding pension contributions are credited to your pension account, we will mail you a Payment Election Package.

About Certified Copies

If you bring your original documents into the LPF office, a staff member will photocopy the original documents.

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