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Job and Life Changes

Changes to Your Personal Information

Changes to your personal information, such as marital status, have an impact on your benefits. It is also a good idea to keep LPF informed of any changes in your mailing address, phone number or email, to assure you always receive important information about your pension.

Changing Your Beneficiary or Spouse

It is important that you name a beneficiary to receive any survivor benefits that may be payable in the event of your death before retirement.

Marriage Breakdown

If you and your spouse are getting separated or divorced, the pension you have earned in the LPF, during your marriage or common-law relationship, is considered to be a part of "family property" and may be divided between the spouses.

Breaks In Service

After no contributions are made on your behalf for 24 consecutive months, you have a break in service. There are ways to prevent a break in service.

Workers' Compensation

If you are receiving benefits under an applicable provincial Workers' Compensation arrangement, you may receive up to one Pension Credit during the time you received Workers' Compensation Benefits.


If you are unable to work due to a disability, the LPF offers a Disability Pension.


If you die before retirement, your surviving spouse is entitled to receive a death benefit equal to the commuted value of your pension. If you die after retirement, the payment of survivor benefits depends on the form of pension payment you elected at retirement.

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